Published Articles

Sunset Magazine January 2011
Southwest Weekend New Mexico
Day Trip Corrales Page 20
By Jennie Nunn
Photographs by Jen Judge

Alibi December 2010
Last-Minute Gift Guide Page 20
by John Bea

New Mexico Magazine January 2010
Going Places / Shopping
Page 13
Pushing Buttons by Laura Watilo Blake

Albuquerque Journal March 14, 2009
Ukrainian Easter Egg Show

Albuquerque Journal March 12, 2009
Corrales gallery displays collection of antique dolls
By Rozanna M. Martinez

Corrales Comment November 11, 2008
Book signing for Billy The Kid
Author Gale Cooper @ Prized Possessions

Alibi December 2006
Last Minute Gift Guide Page 38
By Laura Marrich, Steven Robert Allen,Christine Chisholdm, Amy Dalness, Marisa Demarco, Devin O’Leary, Jennifer Wohletz

Albuquerque Journal November 24, 2006
Corrales Shopping Changes the Pace

Albuquerque Journal November 16, 2006
Skip the Mall, Corrales offers Early Holiday Shopping

Albuquerque Journal September 2006
Corrales Gets Ready to Throw a Party Miniature show at Prized Possessions

Albuquerque Journal October 8, 2004
Get ‘ All Dolled Up’ in Corrales at Prized Possessions 7th Annual Show

The Observer January 3, 1996
Antique shop Prized Possessions opens in Corrales
By Katie Racette